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Dr. David K. Hill’s Series on Hormones and Essential Oils

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Please note that these presentations were made prior to the introduction of the dōTERRA line of Women’s Products that include Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex™, Bone Nutrient Lifetime Complex™, Solace™ Monthly Essential Oil Blend so they are not referenced in this discussion.

Menopause can be initiated in three ways.

1. Natural Menopause

Natural Menopause should be regarded as a normal adjustment reflecting a benign change in a women’s biological life from child bearing to a new period of personal fulfillment.

2. Premature Menopause (Toxicity Induced)

May be caused by toxins introduced by our lifestyle including:

a) Dairy products (bovine growth hormones)

b) Soy based products

c) Plastics

d) Personal care products

e) Cooking with Teflon products

Note: Many modern products in our industrial society have xenoestrogen components and our bodies need to be strengthened against them. (Xenoestrogens are manmade chemicals which mimic natural estrogen in the body thus causing hormone imbalance)

3. Artificial Menopause (Surgical Inducement)

Surgical removal of the uterus deprives the body of ovarian produced hormones needed during and after menopause resulting in poor:

a) Bone health

b) Skin health

c) Sexual function

d) Heart health

e) Emotional stability

Problems during menopause are typically abnormalities brought about by our industrialized culture and deviations from a healthy lifestyle. These often lead to estrogenic dominance (estrogen/progesterone balance) resulting in symptoms such as:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Irregular abnormal periods
  • Bloating and water retention
  • Breast swelling and tenderness
  • Mood swings / depression
  • Weight gain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Headaches
  • Osteoporosis (progesterone osteoclast formation)

Hormonal Balance may be helped by:

  • Reducing Stress
  • Controlling toxicity
  • Increasing progesterone
  • Treating symptoms

Reducing Chronic Stress – Chronic stress produces two negative effects on hormonal balance. Progesterone is converted to cortisol and adrenaline inhibits the proper interaction of progesterone within cells. Both of these lead to estrogen dominance and the resulting symptoms.

  • To decrease adrenaline Dr. Hill mentioned the essential oils of rose and patchouli, both of which are found in the Whisper blends.

Stress reducing oils and blends presented were:

  • Citrus oils, ylang ylang, Roman chamomile, Solace, Serenity, Balance, Elevation, frankincense, lavender, cypress, and white fir.
  • Further Dr. Hill also suggested sandalwood and also stated that a combination that he has found very powerful for stress reduction is bergamot, Roman chamomile, and frankincense, when mixed together give a very pleasing aroma. Using 1 drop of each mixed together he would apply to the bottoms of the feet, the back of the neck, the temples and/or inhale the aroma. He has found this reduces stress immediately.
  • Finally, a must for those dealing with hormonal balance are the oils, blends, and procedures is the AromaTouch Technique. This should be done on a consistent and regular basis once a week, twice a month at the least, and more often if needed.

Controlling Toxicity – Toxicity should be addressed by first preparing the body for cleansing, using cleansing oils, and oils that support the liver and other organs that help in detoxifying the body.

  • To strengthen the body in the cleansing process requires the proper vitamins and minerals such as those found in the Life Long Vitality pack and the Microplex VMz supplement.
  • Use citrus oils (lemon, wild orange, grapefruit, lime) every day as they are great detoxifying agents. Use regularly as in our environment we are exposed to toxins every day. Some use them in water, Dr. Hill prefers to use 10 or 15 drops in a capsule. To support the liver and other organs these essential oils and blends were suggested:
  • Geranium may be topically applied over the liver and/or over the adrenal glands
  • Grapefruit, helichrysum, and lemongrass may be taken internally with 4-5 drops in a capsule or applied topically over the liver.
  • Rosemary is a good support for the liver and an excellent decongestant for the liver. It may be applied topically or taken in a capsule.
  • DigestZen is a good support for the liver.

Increasing progesterone – The imbalance between estrogen and progesterone often requires an increase in progesterone. This is best accomplished by enabling the body to increase progesterone naturally in the body.

  • Some common sources of progesterone are available. These include dietary supplements, creams, wild Mexican yams, soy, and dairy products. These must be selected carefully to be assured they are the variety with the desired progesterone and are not contaminated in other ways.
  • An excellent source is again the Life Long Vitality pack and the Microplex VMz supplement. Among the ingredients in VM the following assist the body in natural progesterone generation: the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E; the energy blend of B vitamins; and Zinc.
  • Thyme and oregano are essential oils that will help the body naturally generate progesterone. Thyme is included in the Microplex VMz supplement. Oregano may be used for short periods of time, a drop or two on the bottom of the feet for 8 to 10 days.
  • Geranium topically applied over the liver, adrenal glands, and/or the kidney will help the generation of natural progesterone.
  • Frankincense should also be considered for disorders of the uterus such as fibroid cysts, etc. Use it to reduce existing abnormalities or consider it to prevent their formation. Frankincense will also balance the endocrine system. Use it by placing 2 or 3 drops under the tongue every night and every morning.

Treating symptoms – The symptoms associated with Hormonal Imbalance increase not only discomfort but the stress and should be addressed.

Finally, Dr. Hill comments that these are general suggestions but each individual is different and achieving hormonal balance is sometimes a delicate exercise but he has seen tremendous success in helping those with these needs.

Dr. David K. Hill’s series Hormones and Essential Oils: Part 2

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Please note that these presentations were made prior to the introduction of The dōTERRA WOMEN Products of PHYTOESTROGEN LIFETIME COMPLEX ™ (PLC), BONE NUTRIENT LIFETIME COMPLEX ™ (BNL), SOLACE™ MONTHLY ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND so they are not referenced in this discussion.

Estrogen dominance.

This is the he primary factor for why we have all of the difficulties we have with hormones.

Background material:

“One of the biggest reasons women get into trouble with breast cancer is too much estrogen floating around in their bodies” Dr. Brett, Prevention Magazine

Dr. Brett speaks of breast cancer but I would extend that to include osteoporosis, depression, anxiety and other symptoms that we typically assign to menopause. These are all a result of “too much estrogen floating around in our bodies”

There are three different types of Estrogen available in the body:

  1. Natural Estrogen produced by the ovaries, adrenals, and fat tissue
  2. Xenoestrogen – manmade chemicals that mimic natural estrogen in the body.

The difficulty is we find them all throughout our culture. Foods we eat, the way we process our foods, animal products that have hormone enhancement are all sources of xenoestrogens. These are from outside our bodies and are unnatural or manmade estrogens that have inundated our system entirely.

  1. Phytoestrogens are dominant in the plant world. They are not natural in the body but are natural in plants and are in food sources that we have available.

Back in the 1930s DuPont company had a slogan “Better Living Through Chemistry”. This really became prevalent in the 1960s to the 1980s.

This is the source of all the estrogen dominance that we have today. It is through the Xenoestrogens or manmade chemicals that we have everywhere today. Consider how prevalent they are in the foods we eat, the plastics foods are packaged in. An example, just to show just how far they reach into our lives, how many of you have heated a plastic baby bottle in a microwave? You have inundated that milk with a lot of Xenoestrogens! I say this not to point out what a horrible things you have done but to help you recognize how prevalent Xenoestrogen really are and the dynamic of everything we are exposed to and the damage they can do.

We talked a lot in Part 1 of this series a lot about HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

One misguided notion is that we are not estrogen dominant but in fact we are estrogen insufficient. That has led to this prevalence today of HRT (hormone replacement therapy.)

Another important concept associated with HRT is dosage. Any time we take any kind of a product into our body there are two kinds of dosage levels.

  1. A physiologic dose – the normal dose your body needs to function. It is not an overabundance but a level that allows your body to function properly.
  2. A pharmacologic dosage in the body – this is very different.

It is above the normal body amount and in the case of hormone replacement therapy it inhibits the natural production of hormones. In fact the body perceives that estrogen is no longer needed because you have abundant resources from outside environment, in this case from HRT so the body stops its normal production of estrogen.

Why is that important? Hormones are chemical messengers that interact with the cell. Xenoestrogens act in the same way and with the pharmacologic dosage we get from all the processed foods and other sources we are exposed to they block the receptors in our body cells and send a signal to our body that we no longer need to produce estrogen. This explain why in our modern society puberty much much earlier in girls and menopause much much earlier in women.

More about Phytoestrogens – these are plant compounds that have actions similar to estrogen but in a much safer way than HRT. We are getting physiologic dosage levels not pharmacologic dosage levels. It is a much lower level and but much more powerful in another ways.

  1. Phytoestrogens protect tissues from the effects of Xenoestrogens and other hormonal pollutants. The Phytoestrogens will help the body eliminate the unwanted Xenoestrogens.
  2. When Phytoestrogens are present in the body they can stimulate normal estrogenic responses. That is if we are estrogenic or estrogen insufficient they will stimulate and work with the body’s normal processes to stimulate normal hormonal processes. What it does not do is over stimulate and cause the body to stop producing its own normal levels of estrogen.
  3. Because of their lower dosage levels it means we can consume them on a regular basis (and they come typically from fruits and vegetables).

Things we can do.

What are things we can do on a regular basis to fortify ourselves against the effects of estrogen dominance?

Eat whole foods.

One of the best things we can do with the onset of menopause or to balance our hormones is to eat whole foods that have Phytoestrogens in them. This includes:

  • Whole grains
  • Beans
  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Seed oils like flax seed oil

PB Assist.

Phytoestrogens in their natural form are healthy but are not as effective and may be unhealthy if separated out from their natural form. Even in their natural form the body cannot utilize them with out some help. This can come from the probiotics as found in PB Assist.

So it is more that just having the Phytoestrogens available, more than just eating the right foods, it is making them bio-available to the body as well. The best way to do this is to have healthy intestinal flora to make the Phytoestrogens available to the body.

Essential oils can help us balance our hormones.

One of the ways to reduce estrogen dominance is to increase the dominance of progesterone in your body. Two oils to do this are thyme and oregano. There is a lot of research to suggest that. Use oregano on the bottoms of the feet. Thyme is also very powerful and has the benefit that it can be used every single day. You get the value of having thyme essential oil in the Life Long Vitality supplements.

Life Long Vitality supplements.

Life Long Vitality supplements provide an advantage in balancing hormones including the following ingredients that support hormonal balance including:

  • B vitamins
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Tumeric
  • Omega 3 fatty acids both land based and sea based.

These are all foundations supplements you need.

Essential Oils with Phytoestrogens.

Oils that specifically have phytoestrogens as part of their content are clary sage, basil, coriander, cypress and lavender. These are very low dosages but that is what you want, a placeholder with the body’s cells so the body can produce its own estrogen.

Apply oils to abdomen as this may increase the benefits. This is a common sense approach since with menopause or artificially induced menopause with the removal of the ovaries much of the estrogen that is produced is from the adipose cells of the abdomen area and applying oils in this area makes sense.

Aroma Touch Technique.

A recent research study use an aromatherapy massage with 56 women. They were given an aromatherapy massage using lavender, rose, and geranium with some special massage strokes over the abodomen and arms once a week for eight weeks. They experienced a significant reduction in menopausal symptoms including depression and pain.

Compare this with the ATT which uses many or similar oils and also includes a rhythmic application of the essential oils. This is very interesting that the research shows that the RHYTHMIC application of essential oils can significantly reduce the symptoms of menopause and hormonal imbalance.

Geranium and frankincense.

Geranium and frankincense also have value as they balance the body as a whole, they balance the whole endocrine system.

How do you really test your hormones?

Most people believe that the blood test is the way. This is what your physician would normally do. But looking at the serum levels are largely inaccurate for true hormone evaluation.

Saliva testing is the model that many are going to at this time. Its less expensive, its easy to conduct and you can do it on your own. You can find laboratory in your area, they will send you the kit, you sample your saliva, send it to them and they will give you an accurate measurement of your hormonal activity within your body.


I will not say that what I have discussed here is the answer to all questions. As we discussed in Part 1 there are conditions where the body, because of surgery or other factors can be out of balance and may require HRT. But I do believe that in most cases the body can balance itself if we provide it the proper natural compounds in the forms of raw, whole foods, natural supplements and essential oils and we will avoid unwanted side effects or outcomes.

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